June 14, 2017

John Conrad

John Conrad is a public servant, author, lecturer and former colonel in the Canadian Army where he served for 34 years. John has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) and a Masters in Defence Studies from the Royal Military College at Kingston, Ontario.  He has operational experience in Cambodia (1993) with the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia and North West Bosnia (2000) with the NATO Stabilization Force. He was the Commanding Officer of the logistics battalion that sustained the Canadian Task Force in Southern Afghanistan from February to August 2006 (Canada’s contribution to the U.S. led Operation Enduring Freedom)—a tour that has shaped the rest of his life. Conrad was decorated with the Meritorious Service Medal for his leadership in Kandahar in 2006.

As an army colonel, John Conrad’s last military appointment was as the Commander of 41 Canadian Brigade Group in the army reserve—Alberta’s Brigade. In addition to his writing he is currently employed as an executive with the Alberta Government’s Environment and Parks Ministry.

A published author, his first book, What the Thunder Said, was selected by the Book of the Month Club in 2009 and went on to be a Canadian best seller. His current book, Among the Walking Wounded, Soldiers, Survival and PTSD has been highly acclaimed and well received since its Toronto launch in April of this year. This story deals head on with psychological trauma in our army and recounts some of the elements of his tour in Afghanistan.

John Conrad is married to Martha Rutherford Conrad and has four children Aidan, Morgan, Harriet and Grace.