June 14, 2017

Sergio Falzi

Sergio Falzi is passionate about teaching mental health, resiliency and self-care for first responders.  He has received his Master’s in Industrial and Organizational Psychology with the focus on mitigating burnout in the workplace.

Sergio’s career started in 1990; he served 8 years with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, holding several postings including a one-man detachment in northern Alberta. In 1998 he joined the Calgary Police Service, working in patrol, undercover, and hostage negotiators.  He was the first full time Peer Support Coordinator and under Sergio’s direction the Ontario Ombudsmen recognized his peer support team as the national gold standard.   Sergio worked with the Mental Health Commission of Canada to adapt and create the Road to Mental Readiness for first responders and rolled out the first training with the Calgary Police Service.

After 25 years of service he retired in November of 2015, and is currently working as a contractor for the Mental Health Commission of Canada as well as a private consultant.  Since this time he has provided training to over 27 agencies including large oil and gas companies, the RCMP, Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs and Correction Service of Canada. He is currently working with the National Patrol Police in the Ukraine in developing a mental health strategy for this new police force. Sergio has advised organizations on how to create, and implement mental health strategies that will work within their current organizational structure.  He is a sought after presenter, and has spoken at numerous conferences throughout Canada and internationally.

Sergio’s volunteer work included being co-chair of the Calgary Suicide Prevention Council, and a director on the board for the Calgary Distress Center, which is Canada’s third largest suicide prevention line. When Sergio is not spending time with his son, he will be found in the outdoors in the near by Rocky Mountains.