June 11, 2019

Cynthia Hamilton Urquhart

Cynthia is a retired RCMP officer with 25.5 years of service, originally from Fredericton, New Brunswick. She attended the University of New Brunswick where in April of 1985 she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, joining the RCMP a few months later. Over the span of her career she moved 9 times and lived in 5 different provinces.  This mobility gave her the unique opportunity to police both rural and urban communities, while gaining a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures spread across the country.

She received the RCMP Long Service medal as well as the 125th Anniversary of the Confederation of Canada Medal for outstanding service to her communities.

Cynthia brings a multiplicity of perspectives to the PTSD conversation. This is a result of her spouse’s PTSD diagnosis (also an RCMP officer) in June of 2012 and her own diagnosis in Jan of 2013.  This dual family diagnosis meant she was faced with a unique set of challenges in her roles as a first responder, spouse and parent.

She is a passionate mental health advocate and educator and has presented at the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research Conference in Toronto and at a Sheldon Chumir Health Center Trauma Workshop.  Typically, though, her advocacy takes place on a quieter and less formal stage.

Through friends and family, community contacts and writing (recently one of her short stories appeared in New York Times best selling author, Laura Munson’s Haven Spring Blog Series), she spreads her messages about PTSD and its impact on first responders and their families. Now focusing on the rest of her story, she is embracing the hidden gifts revealed to her throughout her post traumatic stress journey.